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*Renegade and Renegade Vipers: $87.50 a piece+ shipping*



I am a big believer in using just exactly *whatever works for your horse.* That said, when I started using Renegade hoof boots in 2012 I found something that, so far, has worked for every horse I've  put them on. I've used them for a couple thousand conditioning miles and up to multi day 50 mile AERC rides in varying rocky, wet, and sandy terrain. I bought my first pairs well used then--and I am still using most of them now for regular riding and AERC rides.

Desire, fall 2012
Chief wore Renegades for his first ever LD, Chamberlain Creek 2012
credit Baylor/Gore
Blaze jamming in Renegades, Wild West Day 1 &3, 2013
credit Baylor/Gore
Scrappy had fun at Mendo Magic 2013 Days 1&2 in Rennys
credit Baylor/Gore
Scrappy, 4 boots all day, no worries, Nevada Derby 50 2014
credit Baylor/Gore
a boot test of it's own with Giraffe-Scrappy,Gold Rush Shuffle 2014
credit Baylor/Gore
Scrappy, Eastern Mojave Scenic XP 50, 2015
photo credit Lynne Glazer

So What Can I Do For You?

Readers, visitors, whoever you may be, please feel free to comment here or email me with any questions regarding trimming or booting with Renegade hoof boots. I am a student of life and a student of hooves; I've seen a few things and used these boots for a lot of miles on a number of horses and if I can help you I absolutely will. If I can't help you, I will honestly tell you that and direct to you to the next best possible resource. I am not here to sell fairytales, I'm here to assist to the best of my ability and to spread the joy that is using a quality, made-in-the-USA product comfortably.

**Contact me at: auroragrohman@yahoo.com or 707-362-1422**

Useful Links:
Renegade Official Site
Measuring Hooves for Sizing
Adjusting Your Boots

Ok great but I'm Local, What can you do for me?

A balanced, maintained barefoot hoof trim and properly fitted hoof boot are the keys to success in this booting game and if you're in northern/central California or northwestern Nevada, I can come help you in person!

*100 miles or less, one way, radius of Bangor CA:

Standard Trim: $45

Boot fitting Consultation:$40

Complete Service (trim&boot fit): $75

*100 miles-200, one way: +$25 gas

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