Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Exciting News!

I'm very excited to announce that I am now officially a Renegade Hoof Boots dealer! I trim, boot, and compete my own horses and have been using Renegades with pleasure and ease since 2012.
We are all ultimately empowered with the decision and responsibility of how our horse's hooves are cared for and protected, and we certainly won't all agree. I seek to provide guidance, a helping hand, a friendly ear, whatever I can do to make the boot fitting and use experience as painless and easy as possible. Happy horses and excited, informed owners are my goal.

I am in the northern foothills of California's Sacramento Valley but I travel. All the details are on the Hooves and Boots page. Happy, sound trails to you all! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Prepping for an Adventure

Once upon a time my step dad sent me off into the world with a med kit he had put together for me. I guess it's sort of tradition now, plus I don't think the pre made all-in-1 kits are all that great. They give you a few tiny things but we aren't getting paper cuts out in the woods adventuring, we need rolls of vet wrap and gauze and sloshes of betadine.Well, hopefully not, but we damn sure want to be prepared if we do need it.

Since I have grand schemes of hauling out to an approaching 4 day ride that involves 20 hours round trip of driving, my USRider is current, I'm pulling mats and assessing my trailer floor as well as tires thoroughly, and the medical kit needed to be updated for the year.

I bought a $25 3-boxes-in-1 fishing box from Sportsman's Warehouse, and spent about $150 on all the supplies for what ended up being 3 well stocked kits:  one large one for my truck, 2 smaller, one each for the crew bag and trailer. I don't totally redo these kits every year by any means but what I had was on the tail end of a few years use and depleted, so here's my chance to show it started over from scratch. While these are technically human med kits, a lot of this stuff crosses over for horse use just as my horse use often gets utilized for us humans (patched my husband up with vetericyn and vet wrap not long ago!).



 So What's In There?
*Antiseptic wipes
*Bandage scissors
*gauze pads and rolls
*vet wrap
*band aids various sizes, waterproof
*wet wipes
*waterproof tape
*cough drops
*cheapie ankle/knee/wrist braces in big kit
*Icy hot patches
*hydrocortisone cream
*hydrocolloid adhesive pads
*contact lens cases
*contact lens solution/rewetting drops

Also good to haul:
(more!) vet wrap
duct tape
Sanitary napkins for padding wounds
Instant ice/heat packs

Now that you're prepared, hopefully you won't need any of it!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Never Boring

There's a very good reason that my smart phone is never far from my hand: because it's my camera, and without a camera handy you'd doubt my retelling and I'd probably doubt what I'd actually seen at times. Like, you know, when Scrappy starts fetching sticks at dinner time.  And trying to feed them to his fellow Rushcreek, Rory. As one does.

Oh hay, just hanging out with my stick, no big deal
c'mon, try it, it's good
Scrappy and his stick cigar..
Of course it'd be a shame to miss the doings of the Beggars of Kitchen..

..or a noble wiener on water
the sunrises rock, when not fogged in!
Meanwhile the weather has still been playing at coastal here and there, but Scrap and I (and the girth!) made it out to the lake for some miles the other morning. My mind was on moving out forward, focused, and even, with all body parts committed, and more or less in a straight line. 
The terrain of our regular riding doesn't permit a whole lot of sustained mileage trotting unless you really make it, and in the last few months I've been very aware of (and slightly entertained by) how difficult it is for us both to hold it together in unison for prolonged rated trotting. So that's what we practiced, along with my endless pursuit of remembering to be consistent in diagonal changing throughout.

I suppose it's a fair enough time to say that we have sent in our entry for the Eastern Mojave XP 4 day ride down South, only about 3 weeks away now. Hopefully the pony gods will smile on us as I am so excited to get out and do some 50s and see some stunning country.  Cross your fingers for us on that! 
 Meanwhile, my girthless hike with Scrap the other day inspired me to spend a few hours this morning hauling Sheza to the lake and just cruising around with her on foot, taking in the sights and covering about 3 miles all told. She reassured herself with lots of eating, took an epic pee, pooped like a trooper, and just generally did all the things brave good little coming 4 year olds should.
trot out practice

 clopclop across the bridge
hmm, strange, better eat to be safe
so much to see
scary noises, better eat!
 back safe to the trailer greeted by my dog crew
As much as it should be raining to hopefully boost us from this drought, the weather really has been phenomenal and I'm pretty proud of my ponies. It's supposed to be even warmer over the next few days and my grand plans include baths for the herd and some quality time under the old oak with a good book. Wishing you all a happy weekend!