Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sheza's First Turn out!!!

Yep, the filly went outside for the first time this afternoon! After I got home and tended Blaze and scrubbed out the trailer it was officially time for filly's first outing! Josh led the mare and I haltered and butt roped the baby and just sort of cradled her in my arms and walked with her that way to the pasture. She was surprisingly iffy about the whole thing and let mom walk on away from her without moving an inch away from the stall! I suppose it is the only place she has ever been though. I clicked to her and helped her with a little pressure from behind and then she unlocked and started trotting after mom! So I was kind of running alongside still cradling but letting her do it. We got to the paddock and it was time to let them go. They actually stood still for a few minutes just sort of getting bearings and mom was pinning her ears and telling the geldings to go far far away. The mini was absolutely pressed against the fence trying to smell the baby and Blaze seemed much less impressed. Blaze was surprisingly cool about the situation, actually. I know he heard the baby from the pasture outside the stall since she was born so I don't think he was hugely surprising to see her..maybe? I dunno, he stayed pretty mellow though. The mini was fascinated, maybe he thinks the filly is another mini, maybe his long lost lover from his last residence. Sheza finally started running around and mom was right on her heels. They had a great run and I was snapping photos and Josh videoing.
WOOHOO! Loving my horses


  1. Haha I love the comment about the mini thinking the filly is another mini :) My father in law has a yellow lab and a chihuahua that's the exact same color - they think that the lab thinks the little one's one of her puppies, so they've always gotten along well.

    Sounds like it was a great day! :)

  2. Seriously, the mini is generally only concerned with Blaze's every breath and move..but he saw that filly and was pressed to the fence watching her. He was pastured exclusively with another mini at his last home and has serious attachment issues (hence the Blaze obsession) so maybe he saw that filly and thought, at least, another Lilliputian friend!
    Thanks for reading! :)