Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Successful Horse Day

Look at that trot on mom...I am dying to ride her again. No rest for the wicked! Okay, maybe a little. And she isn't wicked, at all. She is a completely classy and fantastic mare, so far. A great mom. And such a beauty. I think its very striking to see the chestnut filly and the gray mom. What a pair! We put them back in for the night and baby was similar, planting her feet and not even wanting to follow mom, then suddenly unfreezing and we were moving right along. I had a lead rope around her as a butt rope to help the process as I saw and heard suggested and it worked out. It gave me a good handle on her and assisted in the pushing along process. She stood nicely for me to take off the halter. She is already so strong! It makes me nervous sometimes when she is resistant, as I've never done this before. Clearly I have to establish boundaries now. She does understand though and I harass her until she stands quietly to be touched all over, or haltered. She is a curious little thing, which helps. Always ready to sniff me and investigate.
Rain in the forecast again..I'm really over it. Time for sun, sun, sun!

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