Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have a friend visiting for the weekend so this will be brief BUT, big news, after a week of being a touch-me-not, Sheza filly stuck her nose right into the halter this evening!! She tried playing scared-y cat for a minute or two and then suddenly I showed her the halter again and she just put her nose in it! So rewarding. We rode all the horses together tonight for the first time, my friend rode Blaze and I rode momma Desire, with the filly ponying and then loose for a while too. We stuck to the arena for safety but we had a great time and put away the horses at dark. I love getting in from playing with ponies at 9:30 pm! Summer days :)

OH and Desire trots like a BEAST, I can't believe how fast and smoothly she can trot, I can't wait to be going down the trail on her!!

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