Sunday, August 7, 2011

Horse Masseuse Visit and a VERY GOOD FILLY

This morning the equine massage gal came out at 9:30 and worked on Blaze. I had used a horse chiropractor once last year when I thought my then-horse, a big Foxtrotter, was having some back issues. The chiropractor, also a woman interestingly, came from Redding and seemed to do some good for the Foxtrotter but said Blaze was in fine alignment. Of course I can't hold her to her word now, when Blaze and I have been riding farther and harder than ever in the last 4 or 5 months. Anyhow I was interested to see how a massage person worked on a horse versus the chiropractor. I liked her energy around Blaze and he mostly stood quietly though she found a tight spot behind his right shoulder and it took some circling for him to relax into it and relieve the knot finally. She showed me two great stretches for getting him to stretch his back upwards, like a cat stretching after a nap. One point on the sternum and two points rubbed simultaneously on his rump. I tried it lightly on the mare tonight as well and she responded instantly. We also pulled apart my saddle from all its fleecey wrappings and discovered one of the flex panels is flexing loosely while the other is nearly rigid and that rigid side is causing a slight rub/knot on Blaze's back. I'm really not sure how to adjust the panels and I have a sneaking suspicion the saddle may have originally come with the right tool to adjust it..but I have no proof of that as I bought it used. The husband was getting home this afternoon and I got distracted by other things so I will have to really turn my attention on it tomorrow and see if I can get that other panel flexing better.
This afternoon I geared up for the usual filly haltering rodeo but miracles of miracle she came right to me and let me slip the halter on with no hesitation!!! I pulled Desire first and took her to the cross ties as usual but instead of Sheza galloping around madly whinnying she saw me coming and cantered right to me, got haltered, and was out that gate and heading for momma in about 10 seconds flat. It was SO gratifying and fantastic! As a friend pointed out, who knows if she will act the same tomorrow but at least it all finally clicked in her brain again. I know she is very smart and likes to play games too but I swear I saw her little brain say "mom is out there, through the comes the lady through the gate, I gotta get in that halter and out that gate!" and out we went. She did great being groomed and picked up all her feet--she is really getting ace at that. I didn't spray her off since she didn't run around and get all sweaty for once! I am cleaning and spraying Desire's hooves with Vetericyn every day and hopefully the Hypozin thrush treatment I ordered from her former owner's will arrive soon. It makes me really unhappy having something awry with her hooves and she is still slightly off on the right front at the trot. I think I will call my farrier and have him come take a look at her too. I hate for my horses to be ailing in any way shape or form. And it adds so much more anxiety when its something I have no experience with, like thrush. Well I will just keep at it and figure it out.
My husband just walked by waving a big bag of chocolate left over from the Lake Almanor ride, I hear a Reeses cup calling my name!

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