Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is it Autumn Yet?

That's about how I'm feeling about summer at this point. That is to say, its been a great and productive summer and I've absolutely loved going to an endurance ride each and every month, but I am READY for fall. Sure we haven't had horrendous heat waves or anything particularly dramatic, its just the ready-steady 90+ degrees every single day, on and and on unendingly. My taste of crisp air and sweatshirt weather on the coast really fried me on valley summer, too. I love everything about the fall, the air, the weather, the sweatshirts, the coziness and fires in the woodstove. Fuzzy horses..okay that's not as much my favorite part but they sure look cute especially my tiny Blaze man. He really looks like a little fuzzy toy in his thick winter coat. Oh man here I am dreaming on winter weather as I sit my oven-like house waiting for the sun to go down enough to make being outside tolerable. I'll try to justify my extreme whiny-ness with the fact that my skin is just not made for all this sun. I do pretty well with applying sunscreen every day, a few times a day, and my sun rash has only made an appearance once this summer which is great. My sunburns this summer have also been pretty minimal and for the most part only in small patches where my sunscreen application failed. But at the end of the day I just can't take the beating sun the way my husband can and my natural inclination to be out and about and busy, whether its playing with the horses or just working around the place, is much at odds with my ability to realistically function in the summer heat. So anyway, this is just my long-winded way of saying, is it autumn yet??!! The acorns are falling, the acorns are falling. Sign of an early fall? Sure, I'll believe any old wives tale at this point!
Blaze and I did go for an early morning ridge ride yesterday morning with some good hill sprints and I ran a mile on the way back down. So I don't feel like a total horse-slacker. Tomorrow my *plan* is to ride at the Lake for hopefully at least 10 miles, maybe more if I am ambitious, but to do so I have to drop my husband off at 4 am to meet the fishing boat he is working on to help out a buddy. Then go to the lake and start riding in the dark? Or drive home and pick up the horse and trailer and go back out to the lake. Probably the latter, but it sounds so very early...well we'll see! Tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 87 last I checked so lets just hope that is still the case and there is some truth to that forecast.
Found a barefoot trimmer to call to consult on Desire's feet etc..just have to call her...the heat makes even picking up the phone sound like too much work...good grief. I'll need a wedge of cheese to go with all this whine!


  1. I can't believe you said it, but I'm 100% with you! I feel like such a wuss complaining about two months of 90 degrees but I"m OVER IT. I'm ready for fall. A long slow fall, like two months before it gets really cold.

  2. I love summer, but I am DONE with it. Glad you're still getting some rides in, early morning is the way to go (but 4am, maybe too early!) Whine away, we'll all join you!