Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leaving in the A.M.!

Wow this week really sped past. Suddenly its Thursday night and I am leaving tomorrow morning without my trusty crew-husband! A little nervous about it, to be honest. At least it will be trails I (mostly) know and in my home town so I can always call mommy if I have to, lol. Trying hard to convince my brother to come hang out with me at ride camp on Saturday after the ride, offering my second dinner ticket as a bribe. Brothers love free food, you know! I'll be seeing some folks I know from RRR etc so I'm sure I won't be too much of an outcast, lol. My trusty endurance dog Georgia is coming along too. She will have to snooze in the tent in the sleeping bag while I am off doing the ride--I doubt she'll object to that arrangement, particularly if its cold and foggy in the morning! Speaking of, I am really looking forward to some cooler weather, even fog would be okay for a day or two. I shouldn't even say that, that fog can really stick around and get tiresome. But seriously the heat is starting to wear on me. Right about this time every year I am ready for the relief of fall; was looking wistfully at my fuzzy boots this evening, think I might take them with me to the coast!
I just need to throw my clothes bag and bedding into the truck in the morning, clean up Blaze a bit, and we are good to go!

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  1. How fun! It sounds like a really great ride. Looking forward to the whole story (with pictures of the gorgeous scenery!) Good luck!