Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ride Results!

Got an email notification that ride results were posted from Lake Almanor (one week turn around on results with 4 different distances, impressive) and I went to check just to see how many people had completed the 25 and turns out we got 3rd rather than 4th as we were told! We barely convinced the gal at the registration table to check our results before we left so I was just grateful for an answer but I guess when the figuring was all done we were 1 place better than reported. Kinda cool! Oh and 13 ppl started the 25 and 12 finished.
Yesterday it only took me 10 minutes and an assist from my fence-line running Shepard mix top catch Sheza. Down quite significantly from the 2 hour long catching attempt just this last Tuesday! I worked on the usual stuff: grooming, lifting feet, fly spray, fly mask on and off, bath with a hose, then decided it was time for some fun so I got out an old saddle pad. She sniffed it quite thoroughly and eye balled me like I was crazy when I was rubbing it on her neck and body but in about a minute she was wearing it calmly and I led her around in it, no big deal.

I'm postponing my usual morning filly chase--I mean filly haltering--til this evening because for the second night in a row I didn't sleep well and once that happens I am essentially a very grumpy zombie. I can feel that my patience level isn't up to par for the filly's antics this morning so I will wait til the cool of the evening. Desire has a slight case of thrush, I re-checked her hooves for rocks yesterday and discovered a small amount of black discoloration and a slight smell. I've never dealt with thrush and was under the impression they only got it in damp messy conditions so my theory is having manure in her hooves and then the extreme heat made a sort of damp nasty condition in there?? I cleaned her hooves thoroughly and sprayed Vetericyn in there yesterday and ordered the thrush-busting Hypozin from the folks I bought her from, they import it and swear by it. Hopefully it will all clear up quickly.
Yesterday I FINALLY got rubber mats for the concrete wash stalls. I've been sortakinda meaning to do it since we moved in (a year and a half ago) because I know its safer but since I was only dealing with adult horses who don't prancey-dance in the cross ties I just didn't do it. Now with Sheza learning to be in cross ties and doing rather a lot of tap dancing on the slick concrete during her bath I decided it was definitely time so we got 4 mats at the feed store and put 2 in each stall. I set them up yesterday afternoon so haven't tried it out yet but I'm sure it will be better and safer. I was actually always surprised the horse trainer we bought the property from didn't have them in since the concrete in there is completely slick and smooth, but who knows.
The masseuse/body work person is coming tomorrow morning to work on Blaze so that should be interesting. Maybe they can work on my sore body too, lol. My gung-ho free weights and running sessions yesterday felt great at the time but I am definitely feeling it all this morning.

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