Monday, August 15, 2011

Time for Another Ride Already

My mom and nieces headed home yesterday after 4 fun-filled days of riding, fishing, playing at the river, roller skating, and shopping. It was a great experience for the girls to get to do all the "country" stuff they don't get to do living right in town on the coast (plus my sister is deadly allergic to horses so they never get a chance to be around them). The girls got to ride horses for the first time, catch their first fish, and the youngest had her first roller skating experience as well. I must say I am more impressed than ever with people who choose motherhood, I can't imagine having to deal with the energy level and noise of two little girls (and these are very smart, polite, well behaved little girls) let alone the third child my sister has at home--oh and the 4th is on the way!! I think entertaining kids for a day is more exhausting than any endurance ride! At least for me. My brain goes totally haywire with that much background noise and constant questions. I am a pretty quiet person in general and don't enjoy chaos of any sort so it was definitely an experience for me having them here as well! They really were pretty fun though and it was very cool to see them riding and catching fish.
Yesterday morning I was leaning slightly over Desire's head to put her fly mask over her ears as she was eating breakfast and the filly was being a total spazz and "spooking" around for fun; she managed to spook Desire doing this and D flung up her head and caught me square in the face with the top of her head. My whole face went numb and my lip was bleeding, which was unfortunate since I already kind of had a head ache. Anyway I still feel a little sore and woozy today. I got up early and trailered to the lake today but I only went about 8 miles and wasn't feeling very well so I just made an abbreviated loop and came home. Still glad I got Blaze out on the trail again before Mendocino Magic ride this weekend. I will ride him once more from home Wednesday and then Friday we'll be off again. I have to figure out if I have a place to board him after the race so I can stay in town with family and ride him on the beach for a few days. The place I was going to keep him fell through because the gal's wedding is actually this weekend so its too busy as her place, so I am hoping to be able to put Blaze at my parent's next door neighbor's place for a few days, but I need to call him.
Tomorrow is Desire's birthday, she will be 15!

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