Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Very Naughty Filly

Yesterday morning around 10 I got it into my head that I would go halter the filly and get her fly mask on for her first turn out with it on. I had gotten her used to it previously and she wore it in her grooming sessions but I knew she wouldn't let me just sling it on her in the pasture like the adults do. Unfortunately my "quick haltering" idea turned in a TWO HOUR LONG BATTLE. Or GAME, I should say. Sheza was clearly having a great time. She is a serious character and so full of herself. She would stick her nose in the halter but as soon as I tried to pull the crown piece over behind her ears she would squirt away from me. I removed mom and had her tied just outside the gate so the filly's focal point was fully on me, the gate, mom since they are in a big pasture and I wasn't going to just chase her around and around in circles in there. In the end that was the only thing that worked: any time she turned from me and didn't want to be haltered she had to run run run and the only quiet resting place was next to me with the halter. Once we started that method she was haltered in about five minutes. This being my first foal experience I am feeling my way along and figuring out what works with foals and Sheza in particular. The good news is she wore her fly mask out in pasture yesterday and the mask makes a great "handle" on her head so I think haltering her may just be a lot easier with that on! She is always friendly and curious and walks right up to anyone who approaches but she just has to remind us all that she is a precious, wild, untamed filly once in a while!

Naughty princess in her fly mask

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