Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Waiting for Easyboot Gloves...

I took Desire out for a birthday ride last evening, ponying Sheza. I was all ready to *finally* have a good ride out through the neighborhood after the girth rubs, fly bites on the belly, thrush, off on the right front..okay NOW we should be cleared to go! Only Desire is very sensitive on the gravel, so we only made it about a half mile out before it was clear it wasn't kind to her to continue, so now we are on hold again waiting for the Easyboot Gloves I ordered for her last night to arrive in the mail. As usual I bought them from GETC in Moab, the place I bought her. They are dealers for all the great tack and horse items they personally use so successfully in the endurance world. Someday I hope to buy a Specialized saddle from them. Anyhow its my first purchase of Easyboots as my primary mode of hoof protection so I am nervous about it and really hope they fit and all goes well. I know that the hoof needs to be freshly trimmed/maintained to fit the boots well, so I guess I better start learning that part or be calling my farrier to clean up her hooves every few weeks..I guess I'll figure all that out when I have boots in hand and know (a little more) what I am dealing with.
Heading out Friday for Mendocino Magic endurance ride, I'll be camping alone this time since I'm staying extra days over there and the crew-husband couldn't be away that long. Hopefully some of my home town friends will come visit me in the evenings at the ride. Trying to get my brother to come camp at least one night with me, especially since I bought an extra dinner ticket that will go unused otherwise. I got the okay to board Blaze at my parent's neighbor's ranch after the ride so I will be able to take Blaze down to the beach for the first time next week! It should be a very fun trip, I'm a little antsy on all the details (going it alone, boarding Blaze at a place where the formerly-crazy guy once locked my horse out of its pasture and shot the windows out of my step-dads boat..) but I'm sure it will all work out.
Now, just waiting for those Easyboot Gloves...oh and I ordered Blaze an Equipedic endurance saddle pad, hoping that will fix some of our back issues since I am having no luck with the panel adjustments..

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