Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoof Stuff

My farrier came out this morning and put new front shoes on Blaze and while I am (sort of) looking forward to figuring out Easyboots I must say I enjoy looking at a fresh, quality shoeing job on my boy. I am very glad I  "inherited" such a good farrier and vet when we bought the property (previous owner was a horse trainer and vet and farrier had been coming up here for years). Boy do I remember the CRAP shoeing jobs I put my horses through when I first moved to this area 4 summers ago. I tried 4 or 5 different guys who all did terrible jobs and were all convinced they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. The worst had to be the guy who came and threw all four shoes on my horse and my friend's horse, two FULL shoeings mind you, in about 15 minutes flat! It was unbelievable. And when the horses all started interfering and the shoes were half off and funky after about a week and half, Joe Schmo Farrier Guy was nowhere to be found to come fix the issue. Previously I had always had my horses hot shod and the whole wam-bam-thank-you-ma'am cold shoeing jobs I encountered as a newbie to the area were a shock, all the way around. Prices were just as high but the time, effort, and quality were going down the drain. Thankfully we found this killer property and got a great farrier and vet along with it!!
 Anyway, the barefoot trimmer/Easyboot Fitter is scheduled to come out next Tuesday morning. My farrier even said he might stop by to check out the goings-on. I am interested to see it as well, I've never used a barefoot trimmer specifically before, and of course the Easyboot thing is new. I almost feel like a traitor to my good farrier having someone else come out to work on Desire but I am really trying to go about this Easyboot thing correctly and everyone seems to swear that a barefoot trimmer is the ticket. And the fact that she is also a professional Easyboot fitter and dealer is why I really did it, I wouldn't mind seeing it all again firsthand on the whole measuring/correct/incorrect fit/ etc. Maybe my farrier will stop by and learn it all and then I can just get him to do! Hah! Really I should just learn to trim and do it all myself. Eventually.

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