Thursday, September 22, 2011


Its pretty genius, this plan I have going. See I ride one horse and in so doing end up exercising all 4 of my horses at once! I rode Desire in the arena again this evening and Blaze, mini Napoleon, and Sheza trotted and cantered and bucked HARD. Til every last one of them was dripping sweat. Meanwhile Desire and I were doing endless circles and direction reversals and anything else to keep her paying attention to me and her feet and not the insane rodeo happening outside the arena. Blaze was absolutely ripping around the outside perimeter of the arena, tail to the sky, blowing like a steam engine. He actually pinned his ears and did his Elvis lip curl at Desire over the fence after he tired of galloping up and down the hill. Every time we trotted past him he looked up with a dry sticker bush branch in his mouth and gave her a little snarly face. LOL LOL LOL. I can only guess he is expressing some sort of jealousy that she is getting ridden, or why get so fired up and then so snotty? They are a pretty hilarious little herd I must say. The mini gives it hell up and down that hill as fast as his little stubby legs can go. I actually pulled Sheza out when I was done riding and cleaned and hosed her down as she had run through the few sticker bushes in her paddock and was dripping sweat with little stickery spines sticking out of her. Good grief! Its just amazing I can ride Desire at all with all that nonsense going on, kudos to her for keeping most of her brain intact. I know mine barely is.

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