Friday, September 16, 2011

Let the Weaning Madness Begin

Okay, not quite. But in a day or two. I moved all the horses to the west side of the property next to the house this morning. Desire and Sheza are in the weaning paddock and after a day or two of acclimation to the "new" (not really but they haven't been on this side of the property since spring) spot I will slide Desire to the paddock right next to Sheza and let the weaning madness truly begin. Blaze and his evil mini sidekick are reunited in the biggest pasture next to the girls. No doubt they will start their yeehaw round-up bad habits in no time. This is when they realize what a halter coming at them means and run as fast as they can down the hill and out of sight to the far corner of the pasture. Its a pretty large pasture. I usually end up rounding them up with the Polaris! Little shits. Blaze is Mr. Friendly on his own but quickly turns into Mr. Impossible to Catch when he is with other horses. Oh well, its good entertainment and that's what off road vehicles are for right?
 I am going to be returning the Free n Easy saddle. There was quite an issue over that but its not fitting me or my horse well and if I did buy it outright I would just turn around and resell it anyway. I have been riding Desire in my western saddle due to her fatness so I will be using that on her for a month or two and hopefully by that time I will have gotten a Specialized to use on her and Blaze.
 It was 50 degrees this morning! So glorious! I'm wearing a sweatshirt and fuzzy boots and am happy as a clam. The little dogs are miserable and shivering, LOL. It drops below 70 degrees and they don't know what to do with themselves. My mom knit Georgia a new sweater, just has to fit it to her before she sews it together. Wilbur isn't much of a fan of wearing sweaters as he is under the impression he is a big Lab like our dog Tady, not a little freezing wiener dog. At least he has all his hair, poor little inbred Georgia has a fully bald belly and thin hair and really does need sweaters to survive winter. Of course if you told me even 5 years ago that I would have little dogs and put them in sweaters..well, I wouldn't have believed it to put it nicely.
 My riding buddy just got me the number of her hay grower who delivers AND stacks hay for a reasonable price!!! I am so grateful she shared the love and will be calling him tonight. It would be amazing to have a barn full of hay and not have to worry about what kind or what price I'll be getting every few weeks.

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