Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Awesome Morning Ride

My mom is in town visiting and we had a giant escapade adventure to the "city" yesterday for shopping galore. We didn't get home until about 9 last night which is way late for us country folk to be out and about so we are just relaxing around the place today. I decided to take Desire for a spin this morning and roped my mom into playing photographer. It was SUCH a gorgeous cool fall morning, I love riding in the sun and not sweating like a beast! It was my first ride on Desire since weaning Sheza and she was about 100 times more attentive and cooperative to ride today. Her milk has dried up and she is definitely in single working horse mode, no more mama brain at all. She has lost her big baby belly as well since I separated Sheza and was a lot more agile and able to trot and canter than she has been yet. It was a really fun ride and we got some great photos!

 Blaze likes to style men's hair

Wiener on a hay bale


  1. Looks like everyone was having fun! Desire's bridle is cool with the 2 colors.

    Word verification: redness! How appropriate!

  2. We had a blast! I love having family around to participate/watch/take photos when I ride, I so often ride alone and I find arena work SO boring, its more fun with a rapt audience asking questions like my mom was :) No one else in my family is a horse person except an uncle who is a farrier in Virginia so I get to feel like a magickal all knowing horsey person when family is around ;)

    Thanks I love Desire's tack as well! Its "Denim blue" with a "wine" overlay and I had the set (breastcollar, bridle, reins) made by Distance Depot which has the cheapest nicest quality fully customizable beta/biothane tack I've found yet. The forest green set with heart shaped conchos that Blaze wears was also made by them.

    Awesome word verification!