Monday, November 28, 2011

My First Horse Photos

Here are some photos of my gorgeous first horse, Mystique (Misty), an Appendix mare. I rode the bus past her in her paddock for years and one day heard she was for sale. I promptly broke the cardinal rule and begged my parents to buy her, the first horse we looked at. My mom said it would spoil me and my step-dad, of all people, stepped in and said I should have her. Thanks for that, B! We had a blast together and showed at the County Fair (for fun, with no lessons or trainer and were totally on the wrong lead for cantering but the other snooty girls were so jealous of my pretty mare) --as well as completing my first endurance rides with her as a 14 yr old junior rider. She had never completed an endurance ride because she was "too high strung" and wouldn't pulse down. We were a team though! Unfortunately I had to sell her to go off to college. She was a beauty!

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