Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rained Out

I had a plan to hit the Lake Oroville trails with Desire, the trial saddle, and two riding buddies this morning at 9 am but it poured all last night and the forecast says 50% rain today so we decided to collectively cancel the ride. The saddle trial ended up going down right as the rain rolled in so my 8 day trial is basically a 2 or 3 day trial but sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Tomorrow is forecast to be mostly sunny so Desire and I will be heading out to try the saddle then. My riding buddies can't make it Monday as one lives an hour away and has to wrangle kids during the week and and the other hangs out with her husband on his day's off at the beginning of the week. I'm thinking I'll just ride Desire out from here to try the saddle and do as much mileage as I can, since I've never trailered her out for a trail ride before and I don't think its a great idea to go on my first trail ride away from home on her alone, on a trial saddle, in the mud with my new Easyboots whose fit I'm not confident in. Basically doing all that alone away from home sounds like a clusterf* waiting to happen so I'll probably be smart and just head out from here. I can still get 6-8 miles done in the trial saddle with good hill work so she will certainly work up a sweat and I'll be able to check sweat marks etc. I need to mail the saddle back by Thursday and there isn't more rain forecast til the end of the week so hopefully I can get 2 or 3 days of riding in it in before making my final decision. I'm also waiting for GETC to let me know a remaining balance if I decide to go forward and apply my deposit to buying a saddle. So its still all up in the air but the next few days will have to decide it! As for today, its a very soggy wet Sunday, the horses are still blanketed and eating their extra rations to stay warm. I'm drinking hot tea and hiding inside in my sweat pants..a book is nearby calling my name, what better use for a rainy Sunday?

 These are the happiest creatures right now, they've been parading around in the rain having a ball

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