Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Saddle has Arrived!

 Can you read the box?

My trial model of the Specialized Eurolight arrived here yesterday afternoon. Its a gorgeous light saddle and the fit kit came with the whole shebang--stirrups, girth, pad, etc. I thought I had more like 30 days to try it out but turns out I've only got 8 days then I have to mail the whole shebang back and put my deposit toward a saddle or get it back. I'm really hoping for the former but we'll see. Not much time to see if its really going to fit Blaze and Desire and me, especially since rain is coming tomorrow and the next day. There is a low chance of showers this weekend and my husband finishes work so the truck will be around so I'm hoping to get out and do some miles at Lake Oroville on the weekend. I'm going to watch the fit cd right after I post this and mess around with it today but at the most I'll be able to get 5 or 6 miles on it from home today, as the vet is coming at 2 to give Sheza her shots. I'm more worried about it fitting Blaze than Desire but we'll see!

Starting to plan ahead for the 2012 AERC season, making up my ride calendar in one of the many windows I have open at the moment...I know time flies and before I know it will be mid April and time for my first endurance ride with Desire--plus that same weekend Sheza will be 1 yr old already! Ahh! Well we have a long wet winter before that happens but its good to be prepared.

Off to mess with the snazzy new saddle!

Had to include this shot of my pretty Desire, she is really losing her baby gut finally!


  1. Squeee, new saddle! Can't wait to hear how it works on your beasties.

    You should totally come out here for Rides of March. ;) And the Ribley's May ride is Wild West - I've heard great things about it, and I was signed up for it this year, but the campground was still snowed in in May! If everything goes well in March-April I'll totally plan on WW next year.

  2. oh, how fun! Only 8 days though, guess you'd better get out and ride!

    I guess I should think about doing a ride, it's scary, this first step. I am a horrific planner, like I truly do NO planning in my life. Along with being a worrier, it would just give me that much more time to agonize. But I should pull out the calendar...

  3. I just realized I used "shebang" twice in that post, one sentence after the other. Its really a one time usage kind of word I think.

    Anyway. The Ribley's Wild West (woah, sounds like an awesome traveling show doesn't it?) is a definite Want To for me. I didn't connect the name Skillman to the "woah look, a horse campground!" place that I drive by when going to Nevada etc until late this summer..when I realized they were one and the same and my riding buddy recommended the ride it became a (hopefully) must-go for next season. Doesn't Rides of March often end up snowy? How is that?

    I'm just wondering how long its going to take the saddle I BUY to get to me, since the trial one took almost two weeks. I'm in a hurry! lol