Wednesday, December 21, 2011


That's about how the last 4 days has been. One sigh after another! Sunday night I started smelling propane out of the heating vents in our house so we turned off the heater, opened the windows, and I called the propane company first thing in the morning. Our bedroom is in a separate one room cabin with a wood stove which was awesome since we didn't have to hang out and freeze and smell propane in the house. Monday morning I called the propane guys who said 98% chance cracked air exchanger and not good news for our heater. He gave me some phone numbers for heating repair companies and I called around for quotes. A guy came out and said yep, cracked exchanger. Meanwhile I was busy researching prices of the type of heater we needed to see just how jacked we would get on the estimates from the repair guys. The first company quoted us $1500 more than the cost of the heater itself! The second company quoted $1,000 less, or about $500 over the heater price. They're both pulling from the same heater supply (as comfirmed by both companies) so the difference in price has to be labor/installation fees. Needless to say I went with the much cheaper of the two but he can't come out until Friday. With 30 degree nights the house is rather a tomb at this point, but hey. Today I had to go look after a neighbor's animals and finish up Christmas shopping (I know, I thought I did that already too) and when I got home there was no hot water. Recalling the endless propane smell coming out the heater compartment the day after we turned off the heater (on the back of the house, out of doors, thank god) not to mention whatever leaked through the house, I feared the worst. The worst being that the heater taking a crap had also drained the last of our propane--we were low and about due for refilling. Ran down and checked the propane tank gauge and sure enough, all gone. So this fine evening my house is ice cold and there's no hot water for a shower. The joys of being a home owner, yes? The propane tech is supposed to call me in the morning and bring me some amount of propane or other for a special fee. The heater guy is coming Friday. Of course if the propane folks don't come the heater won't work anyway...haha! I think its a sign of how much life I lived in the last couple of years that I'm just amused/resigned to all this instead of losing my shit over it.

Well that's pretty much what I've been up to, I've had to cancel two lake rides now and possibly tomorrow's depending on when the propane guy says he'll show. Such a waste of amazing weather, but got to take care of the home quarters. Hope others are enjoying their pre-Christmas week!

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