Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Still Waiting..

I sure wish I was starting a new post on this blog to glory in my toasty warm house and talk about the ride I went on yesterday. Instead my house is still an ice cave and yesterday was spent sitting around (yet again) waiting for the heater guy. He had assured me, I had assured myself, the difficult parts were done and he would return with the new flue and pop the heater in--viola, the house would be livable again! It was not to be. Heater guy, who I had been planning to give a glowing recommendation but who can now go suck eggs, forgot to check the flue when he picked it up. So he drove 30 minutes to Chico to the supplier, picked it up without checking, drove +- 1hr back to Bangor, put the heater in, went to drop the flue in and......" looks about..12 inches short."  Calls the supply place, tries to blame it on the new guy who misinformed him that the flue would extend to 140" inches...while it says on the box, in clear view, "Extends up to 120 inches." Sure the new guy probably did misinform him, but come the eff on, a heater guy with 25 years experience doesn't CHECK the part before heading back up into the hills for a day two attempt at a simple heater fix? Apparently not. I really hope he was embarrassed, because he should be. And so, my blog-reading friends, I get to sit around yet another day and wait for him to show, and hope and pray that today we do in fact get heat restored to the house. Or else..

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