Friday, January 20, 2012

Barn Horses

The rain has been falling steadily since yesterday afternoon and the herd are enjoying their barn time. Everything outside is washed clean and soggy but the herd are all smugly dry, dusty, and stickery, in Blaze's case, as if it were full summer outside (aside from the long coats of course). Sheza is still pretty spooky when I am working in and around the stalls but she is eating and drinking well and with shaving evidence all over her coat she has surely been lying down enjoying some stall lounging. 

 "What are you doing peering through the bars, lady"

 Eating out of the manger like a big girl

 This is the stall where Sheza was born :-)

 El Bandito being wary as usual

Sheza took the longest drink, she was literally turning her head back and 
forth spectating while drinking for a good 2 minutes. Good sign for an endurance prospect :-)


  1. OK, I'm bring Major for a visit! He thinks he is so tortured in the rain, and stands under his shelter looking forlorn. He has lived outside his entire life, but would love to be a pampered pony. What a nice barn!

  2. Thanks! It really is an amazing thing. The stalls are the size of some smaller paddocks I've seen around here. The gal we bought it from was an Arabian trainer and breeder, so the stalls are stallion proof. And there's 6 of them! It feels crazy luxurious to have more stalls than I have horses. But you know what it means--I've got a great place for friends to come visit and board! A friend from the coast hauled over last year and stalled her and a friend's horse overnight and then went to a reining clinic nearby. You and Major are welcome any time, come ride Lake Oroville with us :)