Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Packing Day!

Today is packing day! Sure I've made lists and obsessed over everything for the last week but today is the actual day to get things together. We will be meeting my trailering partner, A, at the Hwy 20 & I-5 junction in Williams tomorrow and loading myself, Desire, and all our crapola into her rig. The amazing thing is, well everything about this trip is kind of amazing but still...one of A's hoof clients lent us a LQ horse trailer with stove, showers, and it comes rigged up with it's own solar panel system to recharge everything during the day! What! We just got a SERIOUS upgrade people!!

Soooo..last minute items to be done today include picking up a couple sacks of Desire's Bar Ale Esteem Distance feed, and some Elk Grove rice bran/forage pellets, as well as human groceries & snacks. I signed up for ride dinner Friday-Sunday so will only have to fend for myself Wed and Thurs night. I believe we're camping/stopping at a boarding stable tomorrow night and getting to the ride on Thursday, since it's such a loonng haul from the Humboldt area for A and her stallion.

A and I are going to share a big bag of unopened rice bran she has and we're going to pool our hay resources so we should end up with 4 different kinds of hay options for our two steeds (3 different grasses and an alfalfa). With the LQ horse trailer at our disposal things are really pretty simple..in fact I was just thinking about what I was going to fill my cooler with and remembering we're going to have a frickin fridge! Sweet! As long as I bring myself basic attire and hygiene necessities I can focus my energy on remembering all of Desire's stuff--we'll see how I do!

My friend from the coast, C, who puts on the Mendo Magic and Cooley Ranch rides with her partner, will be at Cuyama and I'm guessing/assuming she is bringing Desire's full brother, Pico. If she does it would be neat to get a sibling picture!

I'm so freakin excited and my husband is still asleep for some odd reason, I want to go jump up and down on the bed and throw small dogs at him..WAKE UP I'm GOING ON AN XP TOMORROW! :-D


  1. Good luck and have fun!!! I haven't done an XP ride yet...Cuyama is definitely on my "to-do" list.

  2. OH EM GEE a LQ! You are living large, woman. So spoiled! Next ride you're gonna be all "ugh, the ~tent~, I'm living like a savage." ;)