Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Horsey "Summer Camp" & Fun

My mom and 2 nieces are in town visiting for a couple of days. They live out on the beautiful Mendocino Coast but live in town and don't get a lot of exposure of horses and country life. This year is their second visit for horsey "summer camp" and fun. Lots of horses, fishing, sun, and fun, packed into a few days and then a thorough washing and sanitizing to send them back to my sister, who is deathly allergic to horses! 

in the shade.."let's ride!" Says 11 yr old A 

Love for Blaze

"I want to be in the picture" 

Hey baby

Happy camper on her first trail ride

Carrots for their good steed Mr. Blaze

After some sweaty, dirty, horsey fun it was time for home made pizza and a serious game of Clue, topped off with S'Mores

This is what we did today. My niece pictured hooked and reeled in this fish in a long battle. The salmon weighed almost as much as her!

It was a little warm at the river. Georgia surrendered to the heat:

It might get down below 100 tomorrow. I might need a jacket   < :-O

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