Thursday, August 9, 2012



  1. Impressive! Do you take it to the fair? Or just enjoy it? My giant pumpkin vine was eaten by deer this year, last year raccoons tried to gnaw through it, so it had a big scar. Your patch is amazing!

    1. Thanks! It's one giant pumpkin plant, I can't believe the plant is as big as our living room, maybe bigger--and still growing! We break off all the pumpkins so it's funneling all the energy to the biggest one (currently 9 ft around) and the one next to it that's probably 6 ft around. This is the first time we've ever grown giant pumpkins, last year we grew an 80 lb pumpkin from a regular grocery store seed but this plant this year is from genetics that grew an 1100 last year! My husband is addicted and is going to dedicate the empty field next to our well to an extra giant next year, grow it on a pellet so we can maybe enter it in something if it gets crazy big :)

    2. *grow it on a PALLET, that is