Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Renegade Water Test

I rode Desire to the Wildlife Area so I could cross water and really put the Renegades to the test. Of course that meant crossing the bee-filled boundary gates, so this time I brought along a little back up:

Cheers, bees!

See the same 2 youngsters and their mom at the same spot every early ride

 Early a.m. in the Wildlife Area

Pretty Desire

Legit water crossing, boots submerged!

After power trotting away from the water, cantering and powering up a long, steep hill, and descending: ALL FOUR BOOTS! 
 Something else rather important, and interesting, I forgot to mention about Desire's performance in the Renegades. Where in Easyboots she has always forged, sometimes constantly, clock clock clock clock, so bad we rasped and gave the boots a roll to try to help the break over, as we've worked on her break over of course...well anyway in the Renegades, she forges *rarely,* in fact only occasionally uphill. A Renegade friend mentioned noticing that the Easyboot gaiter affected her horses break over and action, which came to mind when I noticed this in Desire. Interesting.

D looking cool as a cucumber after some hillwork.


  1. Congrats! That's wonderful news, yay!

    1. Dude I feel like such a dork trumpeting Renegades to the heavens everywhere now, but after what I've been through booting her having the boots fit, stay on, and not rub is like--MIRACULOUS!

  2. wonderful! Desire sure seems to give boots a workout, so if they stayed on, something is right! And I love the pretty Desire photo, with the creek in the background. And brave you with your can of Raid!