Thursday, September 27, 2012

Easy Packing and Off to Chamberlain Creek!

It's finally the last weekend in September and time for Chamberlain Creek ride, J's long awaited AERC debut. J has been interested in getting to an endurance ride since we started riding together in 2008 and I am very excited we'll get to experience her first AERC ride together. We've been conditioning them for the last few months, getting J's gear and tack dialed in, horses hooves transitioned and going in boots, etc. Sedona and Chief are in great shape and are eating and drinking machines; J took Sedona to the Camp Far West fun ride for some ride camp/trail experience, but Chief hasn't been in such an exciting setting before so let's hope the gelding/stock horse part of him prevails over the Arab ;-)

J and Sedona
 J's significant other and his big friendly paint gelding are also coming along for the camping experience, and lots of my endurance buddies are going, so it'll be a party! This is my home town ride, the first ride I ever did as a junior, and I am really looking forward to being back!

 Packing for the ride this time is easy for me, as I am just tagging along as rider for Chief, in J's rig with her camping gear. I'll be sleeping in the trailer on a cot and just have to bring my tack for Chief (Desire's tack), the bucket of Renegades, and personal stuff. Oh and Sedona is borrowing Blaze's waterproof blanket as it's going to be chilly over there and she doesn't have one of her own yet.

I'm heading an hour south to J's tonight so we can hit the road early tomorrow. It's a long windy haul on the 20 towards my old hometown. I'll be within about 40 minutes of where my family lives on the coast but doubt I'll get to see any as I'm just along for the ride. Have to wait til Thanksgiving for that! Still, I am very excited about this ride and experiencing a ride in a very different way, and so glad J and I will be out adventuring together for her first endurance experience as we always hoped. Cross your fingers for us!

Me n Chief

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  1. You are a great ambassador for endurance, plus you get to ride a super cute horse, not pack so much stuff, and have fun in beautiful scenery. Have a wonderful time!