Friday, November 30, 2012

Downpour but Determined

That's what I get for waxing philosophical on the beauties of my little Arab herd enjoying the fall weather. An absolute non-stop deluge that transformed our good-sized pond from bone dry to overflowing--overnight! I heard predictions of 20" of rain in this storm and crazy as it sounds it just may be happening. Did I mention the 30-40 mph winds?  Still, it IS December tomorrow and all that. Winter I suppose. A cold is threatening to descend on me but I simply don't have the time to entertain such nonsense right now.

My lovely little herd has been in heavy loafing mode for the last 2 days. Luxury stall digs, blankets, warm mashes, and a hay mountain for each of them. Even SuperTurkey Lex ended up with a big private stall to himself but by dinner time last night he had flown himself to Mini Napoleon's stall and taken up residence--clearly he has a very lax notion of safe quarters!

Sheza watching the storm this morning from her corner stall
I'm off to the Bay Area today to be a bridesmaid for my high school best friend. Home by Sunday and, fingers crossed this wild storm subsides, off on my journeys on Monday with huggable doxie pups in tow and adventure in my heart.

I leave you with a couple shots of my amazingly cute and lovable and good-natured GORGEOUS puppy, Rip!
Believe it or not those baby blues have turned green in the last week! Now we match even more :)

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  1. This rain is incredible! Nice to have all the creatures tucked away. But that puppy! Oh my, the cuteness! He looks so soft and cuddly and fun, can't wait for his adventures!