Thursday, January 10, 2013

Respects and Thawing Out

First of all, a fond farewell and Rest In Peace to my Red Bourbon pet, Lex SuperTurkey. A large predator, most likely a mountain lion, picked him off the night before last. Lex was a seriously goofy bird who made me laugh for one reason or another every single day that he resided here. He lived with Sheza and Napoleon from the first day he arrived, and though perfectly capable of flying out over the fence, or merely jumping out the other side each morning from his perch on the pasture gate, he stayed with his little herd til the end.

Lex and Napoleon
Lex always gobbled back if you talked, or whistled, or really made any sort of noise. I regret not getting a video of the pure hilarity that was the horses cantering up the pasture and Lex running at top SuperTurkey speed across the pasture behind them with his wings up and flapping. He had a pretty good sprint on him, and even tolerated the occasional hug. 

Losing pets is always hard, and when it comes at a time of upheaval it's, well, kind of like a kick in the gut. Luckily I am fortunate to have loving friends and family, and a very special Rippie star who will finally come home to me very soon. I was with him again yesterday and am, if possible, more enamored with him than ever.
Yesterday saw sun, wind, rain, hail, and a wee bit of snow up here in the foothills. I opened the curtains this morning to a sparkling frosted yard and frozen water troughs. The high is only 40 but that winter sun sure felt good on my back as I mucked paddocks in the thaw today.
 All the critters are in various states of recline and repose in the sunshine. Here is momma D, supervising her paddock mucking. Bless her, she shits like a brontosaurus but with a face like that I suppose it's forgivable.


  1. Goodbye Lex, you were only evil in name. I love the imagery of him running across the pasture, what a character. He was lucky to have you!

    Yeah, it is COLD! I don't even want to be outside, Major is becoming a giant fuzz ball, winter is officially here. Desire looks pretty content, but I truly love that puppy.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. I think it would be a trip to have a pet turkey.

    We, too, have just lost two of our boxers in a three week period. It's tough.

    Hugs to you.

  3. While I'm sorry to hear about all the bad things going on I'm glad to see your seeing some happy moments such as Rip coming home soon.

    I busted out laughing out loud at your affectionate description of your mare's... leavings. Her lovely face does make up for it.

  4. Hi, I sent you a note via regular email and was hoping that you got it amongst all of the changes in your life!

    Thinking about you and hope you are doing ok!