Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've noticed that in the last few months Sheza has been running around like a nutter enough to self trim her hooves a bit. At least, there wasn't the insane sloppy toe growth within a few weeks like previously. Anyway she was certainly due for a maintenance trim and a fall de-worming today, and then since she was being such a good girl that I causally slid on a near weightless English Wintec saddle--courtesy of Nikki's LoanNTack--and let her wander around with that for a while.

Startling the old hound
 Just can't get over her stature..
 Her mane does pretty well whatever it pleases, while fortunately Sheza herself hasn't been as willful lately. Said mane is long and luxurious on the bottom right half of her neck, and then flips sides and is scrubby and half length on the upper left half of her neck, as pictured below. Mmm whatever! It'll grow..
 Hey mamma, look at me now! 
 I didn't even put stirrups or a girth on it, just keeping things super low key. I did pull the saddle on and off a bunch and set it back up there from each side repeatedly. She raised her head and tensed a little at first movement of the saddle each time but immediately relaxed and kept snuffling for goodies. She really is quite sensible for a Haat gal!
 Mom and baby sniffed today without squealing, thank you ladies
 Finally after wearing it for 10 minutes she realized she could still turn her head, and had to itch her sides furiously where all the floppy straps were hitting her. As for the saddle itself she just didn't care.

 Almost disappearing..
 Love that short back and big powerful butt! She is built better than momma
We walked all about and she was very polite and overall just acted grown up and sensible! The worst I saw today was some shuffling about while trimming right right front hoof, but so minor. She started to resist when she saw the de-wormer syringe but I confused her switching sides quickly and she munched the wormer down passively.
 I taped her at a hair below 14.3, as tall as Scrappy and well on her way to taller...and Boy are we are such the same color RED, it's classic.
 Having a chat with my gal
 Heading home to mini Napoleon who was screaming and doing his cardio classes the entire time! What a big, gorgeous red thing my filly is. I may forgive her for growing to 15 hands and beyond ;-)

The wise and all knowing Rippiedoo Wiener dog says, "That is one smart filly!" 

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