Friday, December 6, 2013

Let It Snow!

I had the final shavings in the stalls, water buckets filled, and 5 horses snugly in their stalls within five minutes of the predicted snow starting to fall late this afternoon. It was a week long effort of cleaning up the barn and prepping it for winter and was concluded in the nick of time!

Everyone went into their stalls pretty politely except my mini horse who had to be convinced once again that he had in fact been handled by humans before (like 3 days ago, when I haltered him perfectly and trimmed his feet..le sigh). Care to know what ultimately stopped the wild beast in his tracks? I believe it was something along the lines of:


And the little bugger stopped in his rapidly departing tracks, and turned to look at me, licking and chewing. I walked right up to him and put a loose loop of rope around and his neck and he followed as polite as could be to his stall on the neck loop.

Okay then. Note to self:change stall name plate to Little Prick.
Sheza continues to entertain and bemuse me with her wild snorting and spazzing coupled with good manners. She *acts* like she's going to go nuts and flip over backwards but she lowers her head and stuffs it in the halter, moves neatly out around the gate yielding her hindquarters as needed to keep the mini from escaping, and leads completely politely to her stall, all the while jigging and blowing and acting a fool. It's quite interesting and a lot like her momma Desire, who still to this day snorts and acts like I'm trying to poison her when I first approach her, even with a carrot in hand. Sheza isn't as suspicious of me as she has that wonderful inherent trust of the much handled foal, but she does act a fool while actually behaving, if that makes sense. AH my silly redhead is ever entertaining.

And look at that shoulder! Baby girl is growing up

Not 2 hours later after the above photo from catching up Sheza, this is the view from my porch!

Happy Holidays, be safe, and stay warm!

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