Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The horse is fit. The hooves are looking good. The tack is clean and there are spares uncountable of nearly everything. The truck is tuned up, the tires are checked. Entry is in, border crossing paperwork in order, trailer cleaned out...and now we are in the beginning of a solid week of rain forecast, with my first AERC 50 miler of the season approaching in 9 days. I'm not worried about being rained out, no, more likely snow if anything, but I am fairly certain I may gnaw all my fingernails off from excitement in the following rainy days! My knuckles may be a little bloody from all the knocking on wood hoping we get there safe and sound, for that matter. Oh boy, oh boy! 

To distract myself, and anyone else who needs it..photos! 

one of our persistent roses, blooming from now until late fall
3 weeks until Sheza's third birthday! 
Scrappy rocks poo as war paint...he does have a particularly apt barn name, anyway!!
Scrap and Rambo have been playing warrior games galloping the fence lines showing off for three days. These boys are ready for work! Scrap is tapering for the 50 and Rambo heads off to training with Sheza and I in a few weeks. 
 Rambo looking like a real boy! Err man..err gelding..


  1. And now we wait! :-/ Lovely, lovely roses. Do you have any of the yellow-to-red ones? Those are my all time favorites :)

  2. I can feel your anticipation! Rambo is really filling out nicely, even without riding. Sheeza is so gorgeous! However Scrappy seems determined to NOT look pretty. He says he's an athlete, he needs the tough war paint.

    I have to admit I hadn't looked at the weather forecast for a few days, when it was only two days of rain. I read your post, looked at the forecast, and am not happy! I'll just keep repeating: we need the rain...though I want to ride!

  3. That rose is STUNNING.

    Best of luck with the storm and then the upcoming ride! Fingers crossed for beautiful ride weather!