Thursday, April 3, 2014

At Last! Derby Bound

Scrappy and I gave the Chamberlain Creek 50 a go last September as our first 50 together, but I Rider Optioned after a handful of funky steps  so this weekend's Nevada Derby becomes once again our shot at our first 50 completion together. It is also the first leg of the NASTR Triple Crown (50mi-April/75mi-May/100mi-September), so that adds even an extra bit of excitement to the prospect of finishing. 

We've had wild weather the last week and a half and Scrap has spent a couple of nights and a day or two in the barn, but the sun came back and dried things out a bit yesterday. I was hosing out my horse trailer in preparation for packing for Derby yesterday when I heard an ungodly squeal and jumped out of the trailer just in time to see Scrappy pulling away from Rambo violently. I also saw that one or both of them had also just popped a t-post cap off right near whatever had just gone down.

I ran out to the field with a halter and my heart in my mouth, watching Scrappy walk away from the Rambo fence line toward me, making a squicky face with his nose screwed up. I was sure Rambo had either bitten him or he'd managed to stab his nose on the newly de-capped t-post, because that's the sort of thing that happens 2 days before the first ride of the season. Once I got close I saw that sure enough Rambo had bitten him right on the soft part of his nose. Well. Better than a t-post!!! 

After I checked him head to tail to hoof soles for other random surprise injuries, Scrappy consoled himself with a mash, and Rambo got nothing. ;-)
little extra pork going into the ride, but better than skinny! 
Today the sun decided not to shine for the rest of packing but at least it didn't rain. Ride camp forecast is 40% rain/snow showers tomorrow but Saturday's ride forecast is currently mostly sunny and 58 degrees, which sounds quite pleasant.

filling up ole orange again! :D
 I'm mostly packed, health paperwork for the border is in the glove box, and my horse shall just have to go forth filthy--hey, it's endurance not dressage, what are ya gonna do. Have a great weekend everyone, and check back Sunday for ride story and photos!