Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome Home Rushcreek Aurora!

An adorable bay filly with a big freckled blaze arrived at the end of my driveway last night. It was 6 months wait since I committed to this little darling last fall and I can finally say Phew, it was worth the wait. She was nervous to be caught in the trailer box stall by the calm, friendly shipper (check out Lightstar Horse Transportation for your shipping needs, they ROCK!) but I had a really good feeling as I watched the adorable, leggy 9 month old Rushcreek Aurora step bravely off the trailer 1500 miles from her birthplace-- and go right to work on the California grass. :-)
 She was big eyed and taking in all the smells as any horse that arrives here does but she was also bold in a very Scrappy way, eyeballing things and then decidedly marching right up to them. We had a mini leading lesson as hasn't had much ground work done with her but she gave to pressure nicely with little resistance. The moment she heard Desire's whinny her head snapped up and she marched in her direction, obviously certain that there was a momma horse and she would be okay.

settling in last night
 This morning she startled out when I walked around the corner but immediately trotted toward me and came up to sniff my hand at the gate.
She certainly is a Rushcreek in the groceries and drinks stereotype, every time I look out she is eating or drinking just as often, which is something I distinctly remember saying about Scrappy after his arrival.

She wasn't thrilled that Desire wandered away from their shared fence line to graze in the late morning and had a chat with the hot wire on that fence line, whereupon she quickly decided that hanging out in the other corner next to Blaze was a mighty fine alternative. She's no slouch in the brain department, that is clear already. She can, however, call Desire on the run with one adorable baby whinny; that broodie instinct is there and obvious. <3
she's majorly shedding and butt high and can use some weight but what a cutie
 Filly fun!

I also heard from Sheza's trainer that Sheza is feeling confident with the program and is doing great, including having been mounted with the saddle on successfully a couple of times now. Ahh, fillies! <3


  1. Congratulations!! She is adorable...can't wait to follow your journey with her!

  2. She is adorable! That mane, that face, great trot, how fun it will be to see her grow up. And sensible already? Awesome.

  3. Sounds like one smart filly :). I find the comments about her responding to Desire's whinny's and vice versa REALLY interesting. How they heck do they know? The more I learn about horses they more they blow me away.

    1. It was very interesting! Blaze is definitely her consolation prize as a buddy and she is barely interested in the mini, but Desire is firmly in her sights as the chick to be with. Last night when she arrived Scrappy had whinnied and she had looked around but when Desire whinnied she absolutely snapped her head to look and started for the sound immediately. I would assume they are basing a lot on smells but since she wasn't close enough for that yet and had two whinnies to choose to respond to, I'm wondering if it isn't a "tone of voice" thing. Clearly Desire's voice said something to her Scrappy's didn't. And literally one baby whinny from her had Desire yelling and running up from down below. Fascinating indeed!