Friday, September 26, 2014

Autumn At Last

The first official day of autumn fell 2 days ago and fittingly the temperatures have not only left the triple digits, but vacated the 90s as well. More exciting even than that, though, was the revelation of 4 solid hours of rain yesterday morning! It was glorious and refreshing, or kind of really not cool, depending on if you asked me or my horses...

Scrappy channeling a not amused QH poopaloosa..
One of the many beautiful side effects of the rain is the moistening of the rock hard drought hooves on all of my steeds. I trim the herd's hooves myself and this prolonged geographical dryness has made me seriously begin to question the wisdom of that of late. Especially because I really need to send in my GE nippers for a sharpening and rebuild, oy, working with sub par sharpness and 24 rock hard hooves=major whining sometimes. Anyway this blessing of moisture yesterday had an immediate effect and I whipped through trimming Blaze and Desire in the evening and got my best full trim yet done on yearling Rory in the glorious cool this morning.
 Rory is looking really solid and leggier than ever lately, and Sheza has her on a rigorous exuberant galloping schedule a few times a day, every day. Oh, there'd be new pictures of them except that yesterday in the bathroom my cell phone (which is my camera) did one of those horror movie slow leaps from my back pocket..into the toilet. Damn you bullshit girly-jean back pockets, I even think "that's probably not secure back there" when I put stuff in them, but once in a while I do it anyway. This time I paid, literally! The good news is that my past good treatment of my devices made my deductible $99 instead of $200 and my replacement phone/camera is on the way ASAP. 

Meantime, imagine horses whose outlines are just blurring with the rigorous advance of their winter coats, cool grey skies, and the heady scent of hot earth slaked by a first autumnal blessing.


  1. The horror movie slow leap has happened to me more than once, and of course, the phone heads straight for the toilet lol. Now I make it a point to remove phone before dropping pants.

  2. Ha! Girly-jean back pockets are a total pet peeve of mine too! Autumn sure arrived quickly, the smoke has cleared, I have to wear a sweatshirt, but I'm riding in this glorious cool. I'll complain about rain and cold later.