Monday, January 26, 2015

Prepping for an Adventure

Once upon a time my step dad sent me off into the world with a med kit he had put together for me. I guess it's sort of tradition now, plus I don't think the pre made all-in-1 kits are all that great. They give you a few tiny things but we aren't getting paper cuts out in the woods adventuring, we need rolls of vet wrap and gauze and sloshes of betadine.Well, hopefully not, but we damn sure want to be prepared if we do need it.

Since I have grand schemes of hauling out to an approaching 4 day ride that involves 20 hours round trip of driving, my USRider is current, I'm pulling mats and assessing my trailer floor as well as tires thoroughly, and the medical kit needed to be updated for the year.

I bought a $25 3-boxes-in-1 fishing box from Sportsman's Warehouse, and spent about $150 on all the supplies for what ended up being 3 well stocked kits:  one large one for my truck, 2 smaller, one each for the crew bag and trailer. I don't totally redo these kits every year by any means but what I had was on the tail end of a few years use and depleted, so here's my chance to show it started over from scratch. While these are technically human med kits, a lot of this stuff crosses over for horse use just as my horse use often gets utilized for us humans (patched my husband up with vetericyn and vet wrap not long ago!).



 So What's In There?
*Antiseptic wipes
*Bandage scissors
*gauze pads and rolls
*vet wrap
*band aids various sizes, waterproof
*wet wipes
*waterproof tape
*cough drops
*cheapie ankle/knee/wrist braces in big kit
*Icy hot patches
*hydrocortisone cream
*hydrocolloid adhesive pads
*contact lens cases
*contact lens solution/rewetting drops

Also good to haul:
(more!) vet wrap
duct tape
Sanitary napkins for padding wounds
Instant ice/heat packs

Now that you're prepared, hopefully you won't need any of it!


  1. Those look awesome -- the compartment fishing boxes are a great idea for keeping things organized and not smooshed! (And Vetericyn that stuff!)

  2. Wow. You win.

    We also use fishing boxes for so many non-fishing things in my family.

  3. I've been meaning to make something like this for years! Right now, I just have random crap in a bucket in the trailer but I didn't have any good ideas for something better. Now I do! Thank you!

  4. This is awesome. I love how you organized this. I have one big box that I end up sharing between my trailer and home.. and it becomes a pain.. I might be stealing this idea! thanks for such a great breakdown of what to include.