Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain & A Cold

Well I was going strong Saturday working around the place, working with the mare and filly and BAM wake up Sunday to pouring rain and a raging head cold. Usually I feel colds sneaking up on me but I went from fully functional and working hard to flat on my back and green snot galore. Well, it happens. Last year, I believe around this time, I got a cold but it was 90+ degrees. Now THAT is not fun. I'd much rather be sick, wet, sloppy when its wet and sloppy outside. Today is only 30% rain (100% for tonight and tomorrow) so I *might* bundle up and go for a leg stretcher on Blaze down the dirt road from home, but we'll see. His new green tack should be in today as well as the pelleted Bar Ale Distance Plus feed I ordered after the last race so I will probably just do a town run and not push my luck. Its supposed to be sunny and warm by Wednesday so I must be healthy by then and get riding again!!

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