Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What a Day!

We left the house pretty early this morning and did some errands and necessary evils, then stopped at a local spot to pan for gold for a couple of hours. We got some nice little chunky pieces and some finer material too. I really got into the panning today because I found a nice gold little chunk in my first pan and got fired up. MAN is it physical work, after a couple of hours I was done. I was also already sore from my last few days of teaching greenie beenies to lunge in the arena, but yep no doubt, gold mining is hard work.

Working away:

When we got home we were counting goats and found there was one more than when we left!

A healthy, happy, tough little buckling. Yet to be named.

Bit smaller than last year's baby. Speaking of, she isn't much smaller than mamma these days:

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