Friday, June 22, 2012

Rain and a Large Filly

Loaded up Mr. Blaze and met N and Willow at the lake this morning. It was cool and chilly when the sun went behind the clouds, and as we meandered/spooked/stumbled/snorted our way around the 6 mile horse camp loop in 2 hours, it got darker and chillier. N and I agreed we were both ready to ditch the horses and take a nap so we called it after the loop and as I drove home rain drops were falling!

N and Willow blowing in the breeze:

Part of the trail underwater:

Blaze ears:

After I got home I was killing time while Blaze's trough filled so I took some photos of my over sized filly who trod upon my toe this morning in her enthusiasm..

Matchy matchy

She got mom's tail!

Look at me ma!

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