Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hooves and Tools!

Yesterday morning my hoof expert/teacher and friend, D, joined me on a little road trip to the nearest town that carries good trimming tools, about an hour and a half away. I got some GE nippers, and a Bellota rasp and a Legend rasp. I've been using these exact type and length of nippers at D's and a Bellota rasp, but she said it worth comparing to the Legend, which has more bite I am told. Having good tools is exciting!!
 Today I pulled Sheza and set myself to trimming her very long hooves. She went almost 6 weeks since D last trimmed her, and some half assed rasping with a crappy rasp done by me. I won't let her go that long again, now that I have the tools! Anyhoo Sheza was a complete and total Spazzatron. Pulling, squatting, leaning, leaping, pulling back, etc. OH yeah, she put us both through our paces. I probably picked up each of her front hooves a hundred times to get them done, I swear. Sometimes I didn't more than 2 seconds of work done at a time before she was doing something silly, so I worked as fast and accurately as I could as an amateur and with my filly flailing and leaning, alternately. Phew, working on an 18 month old is a hard way to to learn to trim and I didn't have a breath left to work on her hinds. I will tackle those tomorrow.

Left Front, untrimmed
Left front
 Right Front
 Me and my filly dork
 LF untrimmed
 LF in progress
I still don't have a hoof stand and I do my mustang rolls the hoof on my knee pretty much, haha. So by the time I got to her right front mustang rolls I was plum tuckered, not gonna lie. Luckily I can screw with her feet every day if I want!

 RF, untrimmed
 RF in progress
 RF in progress
 RF, sloppy but I was exhausted