Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arabs in the Fall

The colors are vibrant at this time of year in the foothills of Northern California. It's not quite the rainbow of autumnal splendor witnessed in my childhood home in Maine but the green glow of new grass against cold grey oaks and the rich winter coats of the horses is still quite a visual feast. I love Arabs for many reasons, not least the fact that just loafing in a field they can be so darn gorgeous!

Joey yoga, after rising from a nap
 He looks like a proper horse instead of a weedy runt! Amazing :-)
 the Sheza herd
 Close encounters with the Filly kind
 Mid Hippity-hop. Sheza is 19 months old and is Soooo flaxen, even more so as her winter coat darkens <3
 19 mo old, 14.2 hands, and not exactly petite! Oh boy love her build
 Showing off for mom who just wonders where the carrots are
 1..2..3..Strike a pose! The mini missed the memo
 Out of a grey mare from 2 grey parents herself, I got a redhead who is staying very red, and even getting some blonde like me. I say we were meant to be! 


  1. Love the photos!

    Aahhhh and what a RELIEF! the TURKEY LIVES!!!!! : )

    1. Lol he is not intended for consumption. Unless the filly decides to rearrange his cranium for him like she did to the other Turkey, Lex will survive all following turkey-dinner holidays!