Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still Here..Just Soggy!

I know it's been a week of appropriate winter weather or life being Real/Annoying when there is a week gap in my blog posts! Times flies when you're..not having fun? Nah, we ALWAYS have fun, somehow! You'll never believe this, I hardly do and I was there, but Tuesday it was gorgeous and sunny and Blaze and I jammed out 12 barefoot miles:
trot? alone? consistently? LOOKASTUMP!!

Lord it's been a mile, I need to refuel
And now it's been 12! must have food! 
 After that blissful sunshiny day, this thing called Winter came back, and it's been windy or rainy or both ever since. Yesterday we got restless and the husband and I took the dog crew to the river for some Steelhead therapy:

 it's not about your size, it's about your work ethic
 nice steelhead, released to swim another day
 Rippie strikes a pose
 wild little Kodiak
 They did get tired (and baths!!), in the end..
The horses have been in various states of undress, in the barn, out of the barn, who knows what to do with this weather. Fortunately it's not a cold storm, even with the rain coming down, so they're currently toughing it out naked. In fancy sheds.

Aww look, mother and daughter, so sweet..


  1. Your dogs are adorable!!

  2. Bahaha mother daughter mare-tude. Love it.