Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exemplary Fillies

Rushcreek Aurora, 13 months
I know, I know, the perfection won't last. Growing pains and hormones and fillies being fillies, I'll no doubt be back with some training/behavior issue posts soon. For now, I'll merely fill your eyes with my clever, good looking Arabian fillies aged 3 and 1. They were both exemplary creatures today and I'll admit it, I'm *proud* of the places I've come with both of these gals in our respective relationships. Sheza has been a wonderful test of my inner calm and patience since day one, and after almost 5 months with my junior Rushcreek I have a hunch that Rory's bold bossy attitude is going to be a great stretching of the filly raising skills that I think I now have.

Rory's getting more solid by the week! Quite a difference 5 months makes
step sisters, but the amicable kind
Rory putting herself away with Desire. 2nd time doing this routine, she's a bit of a smarty pants
 Sheza had her briefest round pen session yet, executing everything I asked calmly and lining up for her gold star the first time around. I  decided to test that patience by giving her a thorough hoof trim; aside from a discussion on pulling her hinds away it was all groovy 

Thanks for the great morning, girls! 


  1. That STRIDE on Sheza. Wowza. That'll be fun to ride down the trail for future rides where you need to cover some ground fast!

    1. :D :D Right! :D She is SO FUN to ride. Not that I let her trot under saddle, but I know it's there and OMG! Her walk is amazing already