Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Holidays at RHE

There's been rather a lot of this lately:
There are many plus sides to that sort of weather, though saddle time isn't one of them. Still, we drought dwellers needs must pull on our hip waders and heft our mud shovels and enjoy this thing called Winter. Memories of dead grass and fire danger are fresh yet, holding court over the glow of fresh green and the slog through shin high mud. When the tack is oiled and packed away, the truck windows shut tight (they weren't at first though, oops!), and the AERC calendar seems far away, it's time to appreciate other aspects of life and ranch tending. Like:

the pond is back!

the grass is back 
   ---also blankets are back and all the joys therein associated with blanketing Sheza! 

stunning sunrises are back

the sun sometimes come back, and when it does everything *sparkles* with life

tis the season for large lovely trees coming indoors to scent the house and please the eye..
 ..and little gift wrap helpers!

Doing something different is back!  Enjoyed a stellar rock concert in Oakland last weekend

 ..but mostly I do the same stuff, just in rain gear, with soggy ponies..Ahhh Sheza itches

 Have a wiener-ful holiday, I know I will!

Hey Readers, If you or your loved ones are fishing enthusiasts, come enjoy the CA north state freshwater with us!

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  1. I love living vicariously through you and experiencing California weather. =)

    Happy holidays to you and yours.