Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Forth, Big Orange!

It hardly seems real but I am pulling out for Eastern Mojave XP this morning. I haven't done an XP ride since my very first 50s at Cuyama XP with Desire and I'm especially thrilled because Lynne Glazer is the ride photographer for EM this year as she was for Cuyama then. Hear me now, giraffe-Scrap, we shall make a pretty picture!

Desire and I, Cuyama 2012, credit Lynne Glazer

Scrap and I at our last 50 where we R.O'ed for Spazzy Behavior/Muscle Tiredness...
credit Baylor/Gore, not their fault we were strugglers that day!

packing in the rain yesterday..

562 miles til ride camp!

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