Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lovin' That Filly of Mine

Man, its only been two weeks and I already consider raising a foal an emotional roller coaster. I guess because I have been on the grown-horse end of bad behavior and issues I am always forecasting into the future and wondering and worrying about issues today and issues to come. Really I need to just settle down and enjoy every day of Sheza's young life, which I do for the most part. Just when I was getting concerned (for no good reason) about her always running away from me despite being handled at-and-since birth, she has decided that I am her new favorite thing! She consistently nickers when I call her and is now walking boldly up to me every time I am in the paddock, and sometimes when I am just outside the fence. She is also walking up, more cautiously, to strangers outside the fence (this filly should be used to a crowd pretty quick, she has been "on view" since birth!) and sniffing noses with the dogs. It is SO gratifying to have her walk up to me and want to sniff and be scratched rather than flee like I'm the Filly Eating Monster. I have to remember that they are relying on instincts in the first place and it is my job to calmly and patiently teach her all the things I take for granted in my adult horses.
My granny and mom came to visit yesterday (and will be up for today as well). My granny made me laugh because after watching Sheza's leading lesson she said "you know, I never considered you patient at all but you are really patient with that filly!" Haha! I am definitely not patient but something about a little creature picking up on things in five or ten minutes just makes your heart swell and sing and how can you BE impatient?? I know, I will be, soon enough. But right now I am just lovin' that filly of mine!


  1. Lol, I can understand the struggle in trying to just enjoy their babyhood instead of worrying about every little behavior and what it might mean down the road. I'm such a control freak, and I've really let it ruin my relationship with Toby... it doesn't help that he's a dog with less than average intelligence. I can see how much more important it is that your filly grows up into a very obedient horse, and what kind of pressure you're feeling because of it. Just try to remember that it's not a one shot and then you miss sort of deal - you can always teach her something new. I'm sure you're doing great!

  2. Thanks! Kind words. If I give myself true credit I have been around a lot of different horses for a long time and have learned quite a bit. But I am always sure there is something better or more to know! So I am doing my best with open ears for more help and info. Another thing I love about endurance--the community! I have met people at races with so much knowledge and experience and advice. Every day is exciting now!

  3. Oh and you crack me up. I don't think you give Toby enough credit!