Sunday, May 1, 2011

Almost Race Time Again!

Did a speed workout with ole Blazey today. The loop that goes around the horse camp at Lake Oroville; it has taken me up to 4 hours to do this loop, when riding with a couple other people that are mostly weekend riders and like to meander. Today it took me just over one hour. I trotted and cantered the whole way except walking the first and last half mile or so. It was just over 6.5 miles. Sometimes when I am looking at my time and mileage on my wrist GPS and coming up with averages I can't quite figure how I'm going jam and complete LDs (the only rides with I'm concerned with at the moment) in any time other than the 6 hours. But I know that is just being OCD on my part, before I had the GPS to stare at and be vexed over I top 10'd 30s a couple of times and finished in the middle of the pack as well, so I have already done it multiple times and can again. Whiskeytown was just such a difficult, rocky ride. I am extremely interested in seeing how the trail, time, everything compares to it next weekend at Cache Creek Ridge Ride. Going into races never having done the trail and unfamiliar with terrain is a pretty interesting experience; sure it will be nice to be going back to these rides next year knowing what is in store but its pretty exhilarating to just pack up my gear, little horse, and husband (yay for him!), and head off to ride 25 or 30 miles competitively in an unknown spot! I know it will only get more exciting as I get more rides under my belt. And get to start riding momma D again! And and..well my horse life is just exciting and full of potential right now!

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