Saturday, April 23, 2011


That is the approximate noise Sheza filly makes when she hears my voice. It is SO endearing. She has done it consistently the last few days every time she hears me. Yay!
Another gray day..was going to go bass fishing with the husband but zooming around in the cold gray icky didn't sound THAT appealing. I was a slow starter today too, hey, its Saturday. Time to brew a pot of tea and relax. Blanketed Blaze last night, a nasty cold wind picked up. He is outside lying down napping now. He has started lying down and napping more since becoming a fast fit fella. I'm paranoid and have to call him and see him lift his head so I know he isn't ill..and I'm convinced someone is going to steal my filly because cars keep slowing down when she is in the front pasture and the cars crawl past the house staring out the window. PARANOID MOM. I'm sure they're just admiring her but I tell ya..having a flashy chestnut with those markings and beautiful mom out there trotting around as classy as can be..ooh I want to wrap them in bubble wrap and and love my Arabs!

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