Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, wind, & A Cold?

Its been rain, hail, and wind for the last two days. Blaze and the mini were standing out in the most horrendous pounding hail and rain yesterday afternoon, despite their lovely solid shed..I think it was too loud on the roof and they couldn't handle it. At least Blaze was blanketed..
Sheza and momma D have been stuck inside due to the bad weather. Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and today I don't feel much better, feel like I am getting a cold. Its supposed to be sunny and warm starting tomorrow for the whole week and the race is in a week and a half so I really want to keep to our schedule and keep Blaze moving. I took a crap ton of Vitamin C so hopefully will be ready to ride tomorrow.
Sheza is SO strong already!! Today she was being a pill when I was trying to handle her in the stall and man her body just feels like pure muscle and energy, I won't be able to man handle her for long!
Here is hoping for sunshine and feeling good tomorrow!

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