Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun Rain Sun Rain

This spring has some interesting weather! Last year it rained last as well but I know we had had some actual heat by now as well. And I remember last year being more BAM big storm and then moving on, as opposed to this month which is lots of gray and cold, with intermittent rain, and no heat. I can, and will, ride in the cool gray, in fact that's better than riding in 100 degrees, its just a little strange and the garden isn't loving it. I wonder how its affecting first hay cuttings etc, I know last year it rained and hailed late and ruined the first crop but this year has been more sedate and spread out rain, so maybe its not so bad? Who knows. I'm no hay farmer.
Yesterday we got the hot fence working! After everything it turned out it was the box, again. I have no idea why a 3 month old 20 mile fence box would be not working again, already, but we busted a 10 mile box out of the package (woohoo for having a random spare!) and plugged it in and man does that baby have power! It clicks really loudly like it means business. The horses definitely got shocked some time between last night's feeding and this morning, because Blaze wouldn't even come near the hot wire to see me this morning and the filly ran from me like I was the devil and it took me about 10 minutes to get her to let me touch her. She was very wild and scared and Josh said he heard thundering hooves earlier so I'm thinking she got zapped and is still freaked out.
No sun in the forecast and a new endurance friend got injured coming off her horse last night. Come on, rally spirits, is it spring or what is happening here?

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